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where ideas become reality and solutions set new standards. Our story is a tale of a passionate team, researchers, visionaries, and enthusiasts, dedicated to creating sustainable solutions for the world around us. Our company, Ecopatents, not only follows trends but also sets them, driven by a desire to contribute to positive change in our society.

From the depths of ideas emerge innovations that not only bring change but also open new horizons. Our journey is the result of years of effort, hard work, and dedication to building a better future. Each innovation is a beginning – the start of a vision that will shape our world. Regardless of the obstacles life puts in our path, we never lose our determination, drawing energy from these challenges to make a difference.

Original Eco Patents Products

Folisu For Agriculture

Climate change is one of the biggest problems facing our planet. An increase in the amount of gases in the air leads to an increase in temperature and changes in weather conditions.

Folisu For Thermal
and Fire protection

It is a multipurpose semi-expanding agent that can be used for gluing, impregnation, coating and re extinguishing. It is used for combustible and non-combustible materials.

Folisu ABFP

A fire extinguishing agent for Class A and B fires, forest fire prevention, in accordance with EN 1568-3:2018, intended for professional use. It is designed for extinguishing fires using PP apparatus (fire extinguisher) and for use in firefighting vehicles. It can also be utilized by helicopters and air tankers for forest fire extinguishment and prevention.

Original Eco Patents Awards

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We’ve Built This Product with keeping nature healthy on our mind.

FOLISU is a foliar agent for safe plant development and reducing the side effects of drought.

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