About us

Welcome to our inspiring world of innovation,

where ideas become reality and solutions set new standards. Our story is a tale of a passionate team, researchers, visionaries, and enthusiasts, dedicated to creating sustainable solutions for the world around us. Our company, Original Eco patents, not only follows trends but also sets them, driven by a desire to contribute to positive change in our society.

From the depths of ideas emerge innovations that not only bring change but also open new horizons. Our journey is the result of years of effort, hard work, and dedication to building a better future. Each innovation is a beginning – the start of a vision that will shape our world. Regardless of the obstacles life puts in our path, we never lose our determination, drawing energy from these challenges to make a difference.

The past 15 years have brought us a series of turbulence and uncertainties, but we emerged from these storms stronger than ever. Our technologies and solutions stemmed from facing earthquakes, floods, and other disasters head-on. Instead of retreating, we chose to confront these issues and create innovative responses that will protect us in the future.

One of the most significant challenges was addressing the increasingly frequent droughts threatening our crops and farmers. Born from this challenge, our passionate dedication created solutions that enable plants to withstand dry conditions and realize their full potential. Our products are not just technology – they are allies to farmers, providing them with greater confidence in achieving solid yields and healthier crops.

Ecological sustainability is at the core of our identity. Every step of our production, from raw materials to finished products, is based on responsibility toward nature. Through our technologies for thermal and fire protection, we aim not only to preserve the environment but also to create a safer world for all of us. Our vision is a world where people and nature coexist in harmony.

Our team comprises individuals with diverse skills but the same passion for innovation. Dejan Tomić, the director, and Boris Lajić, the owner, lead our company with a commitment to realizing the vision. Mato Zubac, the inventor, along with Dragan Jurić and Ljubomir Subotin, contribute external perspectives and partnerships that enrich our solutions. Our collaboration with institutions such as the Agricultural Advisory Service Sombor, Agricultural Advisory Service Agronomists for Protection Vršac, Matijević Agrar Futog, Salix Inger Alibunar, Sava Kovačević Vrbas, agronomists for protection, Institute for Maize Zemun Polje, and Laboratory AD Bečej makes us a team ready to tackle various challenges.

Our dedication to innovation not only solves problems but also sets new standards. By addressing future challenges, we leave a legacy that will shape future generations. Our clients are partners in making these changes. Farmers who use our solutions achieve higher yields and reach their maximum potential. Builders, shipbuilders, and fire safety services use our products to create a world of safety.

Our passion drives us, our vision guides us, and our products leave a deep and lasting impression. We take pride in our reference projects, such as collaborations with PSS Sombor, Matijević Agrar, Institute for Maize Zemun Polje, and others. Our presence in the industry is indelible and inspires us to move forward.

Our goals are not only business-oriented but also societal. We want our solutions to reach as many people as possible and enhance the future. We will continue to work on expanding and improving our products, facing new challenges, and surpassing our current capabilities.

Welcome to the world of innovation, solutions, and progress – welcome to our world where every spark becomes a beacon of the future, and every step leaves an ecological footprint!