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It is a multipurpose semi-expanding agent that can be used for gluing, impregnation, coating and re extinguishing. It is used for combustible and non-combustible materials. Additional strength of glued parts of other materials is achieved, as well as increases thermal insulation and waterproofing of other materials. Ideal for wooden constructions or protected wooden structural elements / beams, columns, doors, windows, partitions, etc. /, boards made of wooden materials / plywood, OSB, KSB, PB, MDF, HDF / as well as other metal and non- metal structural elements in construction.  The product is made from natural materials and compounds using a special technological process. Manufactured in accordance with SRPS ISO 9001/ 2008, 1400 / 2012 In the middle, the straw is treated with FOLISU -W. That means it stops the forest fire, There is untreated straw around. The fire that is caused only goes to the marked red line and stops itself. We preserved the environment and settlement itself. 

FOLISU – W; is intended for industrial use. The substance is applied to specific surfaces by spraying or brushing at a certain density and quantity. It is used on wooden surfaces and all flammable surfaces, including their impregnation. The impregnation process can be performed under vacuum, pressure, by immersion, or by sprinkling. The procedure for applying the coating and drying is detailed in the usage declaration.

FOLISU – I; This product is specially designed for industrial wood impregnation or wooden products such as structural elements (beams, posts, etc.), parquet, and other wooden elements used for walls, fences, and similar applications. The product is made from natural elements and compounds using a special technological process. The quantities for application or impregnation of specific objects depend on the type of product being impregnated and the desired level of fire protection. A detailed description of the treatment method and the quantities used is provided in the product declaration.

FOLISU – S; this product is designed for industrial use as a coating for steel surfaces for wide-ranging applications. Additionally, it can be used for flammable and non-flammable surfaces (such as fiberglass, polyurethane surfaces, and other surfaces intended for fire and thermal protection). The method of application and quantities are specified according to fire and thermal protection requirements.

FOLISU – P; this substance is intended as an adhesive for Styrofoam. The substance is in powder form and is mixed with water just before use, following the provided instructions in the declaration. It is applied to suitable Styrofoam surfaces of specific thickness, covering certain wall surfaces to achieve better fire and thermal protection.

FOLISU – T; this substance is intended as an adhesive for ceramic tiles. This high-quality product allows for the use of adhesive to apply ceramic surfaces and connect them to appropriate surfaces. The substance is applied at a specific thickness and placed on suitable floors and walls to achieve better thermal and hydro insulation.


Both houses are on fire, one has been treated with FOLISU-S, and the other has not. Combustible materials will burn in the treated house and reach a temperature of about 600°C. In the untreated house, intense burning of the entire house occurs until it completely burns down. In the treated house, after 30 minutes, a surface temperature of around 79°C was measured on the ceiling; surfaces/ceilings did not ignite, while the untreated house is burning on all sides, including the roof.


WOOD COLD SIDE treated 246 °C - Untreated 257 °C THE BURNING SIDE treated 451 °C - Untreated 468 °C


- FIBERGLASS THE BURNING SIDE treated 222 °C - Untreated 289 °C After 10 min. COLD SIDE treated 73 °C - Untreated 449 °C


STEEL COLD SIDE treated 213 °C - Untreated 427 °C THE BURNING SIDE treated 632 °C - Untreated 537 °C After 30 min.


STYROFOAM COLD SIDE treated 79,8 °C Untreated 147 °C THE BURNING SIDE treated 511 °C - Untreated 498 °C After two minutes, the treated styrofoam is still not burning, and the untreated is burned and melting.

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