FoliSu – ABFP (A, B & Fire Protection)

FoliSu – ABFP (A, B & Fire Protection) A fire extinguishing agent for Class A and B fires, forest fire prevention, in accordance with EN 1568-3:2018, intended for professional use. It is designed for extinguishing fires using PP apparatus (fire extinguisher) and for use in firefighting vehicles. It can also be utilized by helicopters and air tankers for forest fire extinguishment and prevention.A fire extinguishing agent for Class A and B fires; forest fire protection:The product for extinguishing Class A and B fires, as well as preventing forest fires, is adapted and compliant with EN 1568-3:2018 standards. This preparation represents a professionally developed tool for extinguishing Class A and B fires, encompassing various types of flammable materials and liquids, making it widely applicable for suppressing different fire incidents.

Defining Characteristic:
The defining characteristic of this product is its ability to be used for fire extinguishing with fire extinguishers of different container sizes, allowing for quick and efficient fire suppression in various scenarios. It is also adapted for use in firefighting vehicles, making it highly useful and practical in professional firefighting units.Additionally, this preparation can be applied using helicopters and specialized aircraft - air tankers for forest fire suppression and prevention. Its effective use in these scenarios plays a crucial role in protecting forests and preventing the spread of fires over large areas. Combining these capabilities with the EN 1568-3:2018 standard ensures a high level of reliability and effectiveness in both professional and emergency firefighting situations.

Environmentally Acceptable Natural Product:

This agent qualifies as an environmentally friendly natural product as it is derived from natural elements and compounds obtained through a special process. The application of Folisu ABFP is for extinguishing the following fires:Class A firesClass B firesFor preventing the spread of forest fires (preventative and extinguishing).

Method of filling: Fire extinguisher apparatus lined inside with PVC lining should be filled in a ratio of 1:2 parts water. The device head is properly screwed on, then filled with nitrogen at the prescribed pressure.Note: For firefighting vehicles, this agent is used in combination with a foam mixing system with water at a ratio of 1:10. The mixture is applied to flammable surfaces using an appropriate nozzle, as well as to areas not yet affected by the fire to stop and prevent further spread of the fire.Store the agent at temperatures between 0 to +40°C.Packaging: 20 kg canisters are available, larger packaging is possible - upon customer request.The shelf life is 2 years in the original packaging and properly stored.

Folisu ABFP