Climate Change: The Impact of Drought on the Planet.

Climate change is one of the biggest problems facing our planet. An increase in the amount of gases in the air leads to an increase in temperature and changes in weather conditions. Droughts are becoming more frequent and intense, which leads to damage to agriculture and problems with water supply. Many people tried to solve this problem by digging wells and irrigating their crops, but it turned out to be a very expensive and unsustainable process. Irrigation has led to a reduction in the groundwater levels and the leaching of nutrients and mineral resources from the arable land. In addition, there is a risk of the water source completely drying up, leading to the need to search for new sources and costs.

However, one scientist from the Balkans came up with an innovative way for the prevention of drought to solve the drought problem.

How was Folisu created?

Mato Zubac, an academic and inventor from Novi Sad, was faced with the challenge of drought affecting the production of corn and other agricultural crops. He and his team of scientists in the field of chemistry and biochemistry worked on the development and resolution of this issue. The result of their work is the product ‘Folisu,’ a unique ecological foliar treatment in farming, vegetables, fruit growing, and horticulture. The application of Folisu enables plants to use moisture from the air, the plants vitalize themselves and maintain all vital functions during drought.. It naturally reduces damage caused by drought, enabling plants to complete their vegetative cycle. The results have shown exceptional yields with highly rated product qualities in all four categories worldwide, which you can view on our website section.

How was Folisu created?


Folisu is an extremely useful agent in maintaining the vegetative cycle of plants and in increasing yield.

In all regions, especially during dry periods, Folisu becomes your ally in the battle against the stress that plants experience due to a lack of moisture in the soil. This revolutionary technology enables your plants to absorb moisture directly from the air, reducing the damage that can occur due to drought. This is crucial for maintaining healthy conditions for plant growth and development in challenging weather conditions.

Folisu is not only valuable in dry periods and also during normal weather conditions, this product can significantly enhance the yields of your crops, which you can also view on our ‘Results and Yields’ page.

Folisu is successfully used in various branches of: farming corp, agriculture, vegetables, fruit farming, and horticulture. Its ability to provide plants with the necessary moisture and improve their drought resistance makes it an invaluable agent for all crop owners.

With Folisu, you can be confident that you have a reliable solution to maintain the vegetative cycle of your plants, regardless of the weather challenges you face. This product promises higher yields, reduced stress, and successful agricultural production.

How does the Folisu work?

When the product is applied to leaf surfaces, it enables plants to absorb moisture from the air. It makes the process of plant hydration much more effective, even under the most challenging factors. The plant retains enough water even in the driest periods when the agent is utilized. 

At a height of approximately 10 meters, more than 2000 liters of water per day are available per hectare. This allows moisture to be delivered to the plant’s leaves and its root system. Treating it has a better impact on photosynthesis and chlorophyll development. The plant vitalise – evolves. And can use nutrients in a more effective way, even though the soil is dry.



We’ve Built This Product with keeping nature healthy on our mind.

FOLISU is a foliar agent for safe plant development and reducing the side effects of drought.

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Our product being used in all Branches of agriculture. Farming corps, fruit farming, vegetable farming, horticulture.


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