Folisu enables the plant to become drought-resistant, consequently helping to maintain the plant’s vegetative cycle. It also facilitates better pollination and contributes to increased yield.
In rainy seasons: 10-15%
In semi-arid seasons: 25-35%
In dry seasons: 40-80%
The plant exhibits improved photosynthesis, increased chlorophyll content, enhanced ability to utilize nutrients, even in drought conditions soil .
SComposition: the product is manufactured in a technological procedure using natural elements and
compounds. It contains macroelements (N, K, Mg) and microelements (Cu, Fe, Zn).
Method and time of preparation:
Foliar treatment should be carried out using standard sprayers. 5kg of the concentrate is to be poured
into tanks in a ratio of 1:60. This product may be used simultaneously with pesticides and fungicides and artificial fertilisers provided no copper is present.