FOLISU is a concentrated drought-resistance agent that can be used for foliar treatment on all green
surface (Grass, Low vegetation, Forests) and flowers. It has a particularly good effect on plant growth during semi-arid
and dry seasons.

It is intended for foliar treatment using standard sprayers with water in a ratio of 1:150. In a standard
combination, the agent is used at a rate of 2.5kg per hectare.
It may be applied one to three times during the vegetation stage.
FOLISU- An anti-desiccant product protecting conifers from drought.
After the tree, branches and crowns are cut off, all surfaces must be sprayed with the product.
A 250 ml bottle with a pump that has two-action positions and a sprayer.
This ensures the conifers remain vital and protect the needles from shedding.
– Folisu spray is a solution already prepared for treating potted plants. It needs to be sprayed on the plant every 7 – 10 days. This helps reduce the need for watering the plants.