This product is safe to apply to vegetables as well.
It is manufactured by a special technology process using natural ingredients that include both
macroelements and microelements for plant growth.
The application of this product does not require special protection measures since it is environmentally
The plants can use moisture from the air and transport it to the root through leaves and the stem.
The plant then behaves as if it has evolved because it has the capability to capture moisture from the
air and thus secure a daily minimum quantity of moisture to sustain it through the vegetative cycle,
resulting in a good yield and quality of crops.
The Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade issued a positive opinion, under number 40/121-4, and classified
the product as a complex artificial fertiliser “Folisu” that is best appropriate for use during dry seasons.
The product is registered for production with the Ministry of Agriculture under registration certificate
number 321-01-01592/2022-11 and is declared as an environmentally friendly product by the Ministry
of Environmental Protection under certificate number: 011-00-000682/2022.
This product secures good yield and quality of plants. 
This product is intended for foliar treatment using secondary sprayers at the rate of 5 kg/ha. The
product should be mixed with water in a ratio of 1:60.
The product should be applied once or twice within a vegetative cycle as per the table showing
treatment methods for individual crops.